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suing for missed cable tv appointment in san diego small claims

Suing a Cable TV Co in San Diego Small Claims Court for Service No-Show

Watching TV is a very common past time that takes place in most homes on a daily basis. When you have recently moved though or you are switching cable companies you may lose out on that luxury for a span of time. In California it can take several days to get the appointment scheduled for the cable TV service to be hooked up. You may have to make arrangements to … [Read More...]

Insurance Disputes in San Diego Small Claims Court

Suing an Insurance Company in San Diego Small Claims Court

Having insurance on your vehicle is important as it will help you if you are involved in an accident, your vehicle is vandalized, or there is a natural disaster that affects it. Most of us pay in money to the car insurance company month after month like clock work. We don’t generally end up filing a claim. Yet once you do, you may discover that the insurance … [Read More...]


Disputes with a California Auto Repair Shop

Your vehicle is something you likely depend on a great deal to get you to work and everywhere else. When it needs to be repaired it can be difficult to get around while the work is being done. It can also be very expensive to pay for but this is a necessity you just can’t live without. Hopefully you can get your car in, get it fixed, and be back to normal in a short … [Read More...]

Stop Unsolicited Faxes in San Diego Small Claims Court

There are many ways in which unwanted solicitations are received. You likely are thinking of those you have received both in the mail and over the phone. What about all of those you get on your fax machine though? It can be annoying when you answer the phone and get that fax tone. If that is the link to your fax machine, those calls may be coming in at all hours too. … [Read More...]


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