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Court Judgments and Credit Reports

Major changes are underway in how public records like court judgments and tax liens are reported to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. These changes are due in large part to a recent multi-state investigation that found a significant number of errors in the public record information found on consumer credit reports. The National … [Read More...]


So You Want to be a Judgment Enforcer?

When you think of the legal process you’ve probably heard of lawyers, judges, court reporters, and even courtroom artists. One never seen but whose role is equally important, is a judgment enforcement professional. A judgment enforcer buys uncollected court-ordered judgments and then uses every legal means available to ensure the judgment is paid in full. It’s a fact … [Read More...]

California Small Claims Court Judgment Enforcement

California Small Claims Court Judgment Enforcement

As you probably already know, getting a judgment from a California Small Claims Court is only part of the victory. A judgment is really just a piece of paper and, unfortunately, the Court won’t be collecting the payment for you. Therefore, you will need to think strategically and be willing to set aside time, money and effort to collect the money that’s due. Here I … [Read More...]


Service of Process in California

Once you have filed a case with the California small claims court everyone involved that is at least 18 must receive a summons. This is a legal document that tells them they have to be at the hearing. All of the information about where it will take place, the date, and the time are on the included on the document. In order to verify that each individual did indeed get … [Read More...]

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