Judgment Enforcement FAQ

faq-california-small-claims-judgment-enforcementDo you offer legal advice?

No. Paladin Legal Support is not a law firm. We do not offer legal advice. If legal advice is needed, you should consult a competent, licensed attorney.

Why are you successful in enforcing money judgments?

Well, we have thirty years of experience. That experience certainly helps us in our research and recovery efforts. In addition, we enforce our money judgments full time. So, if a judgment debtor files paperwork that requires us to appear in court, we are able and eager to do so. We don’t accept excuses or let emotion get in the way of recovering the money that is legally due. We have the time, energy, money and desire to get paid. We have the law on our side and use all legal means available to effect recovery on our judgments.

Ok. So you are great at getting paid. What does this do for me?

We use our skills to enforce money judgments. If yours is a judgment we are willing to purchase, we are able to offer a great purchase agreement that will put up to 50% of our recovery into your pocket. Your judgment is essentially a piece of paper unless and until you can research and effect recovery. Leave the frustrating and time-consuming recovery efforts to the experts at PLS and put some money in your pocket.

Why would I sell my judgment when I can collect it myself?

If you can collect on your money judgment, do not, ever, sell it to anyone. It would make no sense. If, on the other hand, you cannot (or have no desire to) research and effect recovery we would be happy to consider purchasing it. Please submit your case information here for consideration.


We are not lawyers. We do not give legal advice. We purchase California money judgments and seek to enforce them on our own behalf using our thirty years’ experience, proprietary resources and research sources. We do not work for nor represent any judgment creditor in any capacity. We own our judgments and make all enforcement decisions without consult of the original judgment creditor before or after the fact. For more information about who we are and how we work, please read through the following links: Judgment Enforcement and Terms of Service.

If you have sued in a California court and won, your judgment is at least two years old and is at least $10000.00, please contact us to see if we can turn that piece of paper into cash.