Judgment Enforcement

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If you have a California court judgment, we may be able to help you turn that piece of paper into cash.

We know first-hand how frustrating it is to have someone owe you money. You may try to collect for months (or years!) before you finally have enough and decide to sue them. You call the courthouse, listen to a 12-minute recording, only to find no one is available to take your call personally. So you either take a morning off work or go on your lunch break and hope the line isn’t too long or you might have to leave to get back to work before you even get to speak to anyone. “Tuesdays are slower,” the ever-so-helpful clerk tells you Wednesday when you finally make your way through the line to the front of the counter. Yes! You finally get to speak to a real live human being. You try to explain why you’re there, and she either a) tells you that you’re in the wrong court house (venue issues) or b) hands over some court forms (hopefully the right ones).

Thus begins your journey as a party to a lawsuit in a California court. You take the forms home and there they sit. Between work, family and other responsibilities, it takes you a week or two but you finally get the forms filled out. You head back to the court house, wait in line (again), the clerk takes your forms (provided she gave you the right ones to begin with and that you’ve made no glaring errors on them), pay your fees and then you wait.

You wait for the other party or parties to be notified of the suit and then you wait again while they file to postpone the hearing. Twice. Finally! Your day in court! You stayed up practically all night getting your papers, exhibits, notes, post-its, and the facts laid out in a most eloquent manner. You practice your speech. You say it to yourself and you practice it out loud. You show up 30 minutes early. You are so nervous as you sit in the courtroom awaiting your turn. Your case is called three-and-a-half hours later and the defendant doesn’t even show.

No worries, you think to yourself confidently. The judge heard your case and you are walking out of the court house holding in your hand a court-ordered default judgment. Send the Judgment Debtor a copy of the Notice of Entry of Judgment and you’ll have a check in the mail in a few weeks, a month max. Right? Right?!?

Fast forward a couple of years…

If your court ordered money judgment is just a piece of paper gathering dust, please submit it to us for possible purchase. We buy California court judgments and spend our time researching the Judgment Debtor and his assets. We use every legal method available to us to effect payment; We never give up. If one enforcement method isn’t effective, we will try another until all legal avenues are exhausted. Please note: We offer no guarantees on recovery on any post-judgment claim, nor will we be acting in any capacity as your representative, legal or otherwise. However, once we purchase a money judgment, we spend the effort, time (and yes, even expense) to see to it that we recover the amount of the judgment plus interest and allowable expenses. We’re experts at judgement enforcement; after all, this is our livelihood!

If you were awarded a money judgment from a California court and it is at least two years old and over $10000, we may be able to offer you:

  • Purchase agreement in writing for $1.00 plus up to half of our recovery.
  • No out of pocket expenses. Ever.
  • No hassles! No court dates! No dealing with Judgment Debtors.
  • No frustration, legal process or endless court forms.
  • No research, follow-up phone calls or stacks of paperwork.
  • Possible future value for a piece of paper that is doing absolutely zero for you right now.

For more information about who we are and how we work, please visit our Judgment Enforcement FAQ and Terms of Service. If you think you have a case that meets our minimum requirements, please submit it for consideration and we may be able to turn that piece of paper into cash.