California Small Claims Court Judgment Enforcement

California Small Claims Court Judgment EnforcementAs you probably already know, getting a judgment from a California Small Claims Court is only part of the victory. A judgment is really just a piece of paper and, unfortunately, the Court won’t be collecting the payment for you. Therefore, you will need to think strategically and be willing to set aside time, money and effort to collect the money that’s due.

Here I will discuss two ways of enforcing a Southern California Small Claims Court Judgment. Of course, voluntary payments are the easiest method but very few judgment debtors are willing to pay without further legal action. If you can’t get the party to pay voluntarily then it is time to take additional steps.

One good method of collection involves garnishing the judgment debtor’s wages so that money will be kept back from their paychecks in order to help satisfy the judgment. The amount withheld depends on how much the judgment debtor makes and their other obligations. You would want to contact your local court for the proper forms and procedures.

A bank levy can also be an effective means of enforcing a money judgment. Once you know where the judgment debtor banks, you simply file paperwork with the court and the financial institution to start the process. There are limits and exemptions that may apply and a court hearing will likely also be necessary but levies are usually a great way to get paid if you know where your debtor banks.

What you will find after you win a judgment from the California small claims court is that it becomes your responsibility to collect what is due to you. This process may be expensive, tiresome, and time consuming but it is entirely possible if you stick with it. Be organized and keep good track of what has been paid to you as well as what is still owed. Here is a good website for reference if you decide you would like to enforce your money judgment yourself:

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