Stop Unsolicited Faxes in San Diego Small Claims Court

San Diego Small Claims Court: suing for junk faxes in small claims court

There are many ways in which unwanted solicitations are received. You likely are thinking of those you have received both in the mail and over the phone. What about all of those you get on your fax machine though? It can be annoying when you answer the phone and get that fax tone. If that is the link to your fax machine, those calls may be coming in at all hours too. With more people having a home office this is a scenario that plays out too often.

Those who continue to send you unwanted faxes are wasting your time. They may be interrupting your sleep. At the very least they are wasting your money due to the cost of both paper and ink for the fax machine. Instead of just being annoyed each time you pull one of them off the fax, you need to take action. They also slow down the natural production for business. When the fax machine is busy others people who need to fax you important information aren’t able to do so. That can cause you to lose customers as well as various business deals.

Under California law, you have the right to sue someone who continues to send you unsolicited faxes. If you think you may need to sue someone for unsolicited faxes, take a look at this site You may get a judgment from $500 to $1,500 for each one of those faxes that they send you. Chances are this will get them to stop if nothing else will!

The Federal government passed a law in 1991 that deems it illegal to send advertisements via fax machine without the permission of the recipient. You may get some advertisements from companies you work with and buy supplies from. These are generally solicitations you don’t mind getting from your fax machine. You also can’t do much about getting political information or fundraising information via fax because you can’t file a case in small claims court of California for those types of materials.

Once you receive faxed materials that you don’t want you need to keep an eye on it. If there is contact information on it then let them know you want them to stop all contact. You can also send them a reply via fax if you only have the number that sent you the materials. Keep track of all the correspondence you send as well as the date. Should you continue to get faxes from that business after you have contacted them on a couple of occasions to stop, you can proceed in California with filing a case in small claims court. Make sure you keep the faxes for proof when it is time for your hearing. It is time that aggressive advertising comes to an end. If the only way for you to show a sender that you are serious is to sue them then that is the course of action you need to take.

If you’ve already sued and won, we can turn that court-ordered judgment into cash today. To learn how we work, visit our Judgment Enforcement page.