Suing a Cable TV Co in San Diego Small Claims Court for Service No-Show

San Diego Small Claims Court judgment enforcement

Watching TV is a very common past time that takes place in most homes on a daily basis. When you have recently moved though or you are switching cable companies you may lose out on that luxury for a span of time. In California it can take several days to get the appointment scheduled for the cable TV service to be hooked up.

You may have to make arrangements to take off work or to have someone at your home for when the technician shows up. This is because they can’t tell you what time they will send someone, only what day they will be there. They don’t want to commit to a time as they don’t know how long each installation is going to take to complete.

Your excitement that you will soon have cable TV service hooked up can turn to frustration though. What are you going to do if the technician fails to show up for the scheduled appointment? Most of us will be ticked off enough that we call the cable company to get some answers. Even though they may apologize for the mistake, it doesn’t take care of the time you wasted sitting around the house all day waiting for them.

Those cable TV companies with excellent customer service will do all they can to get you a new appointment right way. Don’t hold your breathe though as you will likely end up waiting several more days. You also have to deal with trying to explain to your boss why you will need another day off work. Some cable companies try to offset the damage with a small discount on your bill but that often just isn’t’ enough to make up for your time. Most of us get very few paid days off work and they are precious and to be saved for when we want to do something fun or there is an important commitment to attend to.

Most residents in California don’t realize that they have the right to sue the cable company for the fiasco in small claims court. This right is found in Section 1722 b of the California Civil Code. In fact, this code states that the cable company has to give you a four hour time frame. This means you don’t have to wait around all day for them to show up.

You can work for half the day and then come home. You can also schedule the appointment for the morning and go to work as soon as they leave. If you don’t ask for that four hour time frame though the cable company isn’t going to offer you one. They will just tell you that they will be there on a certain day of the week. The maximum amount of money that a claim against a cable TV company in California can be for is $600. This is to cover the time lost as well as any wages from work that a person misses out on.

If you’ve sued a cable or utility company in small claims and are having trouble collecting, we can turn your court-order into cash. Submit your case today!