Suing For a Dog Bite in San Diego Small Claims Court

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A dog bite can be both painful and frightening. Long after the bite has healed the emotional issues associated with it can linger. It can make a person afraid to be around other dogs. Some dog bites are quite severe too and they require medical attention. If they are deep enough they can leave permanent scars on the body as well.

In California, the owner of the dog is usually responsible for taking care of medical bills associated with the dog bite. It may not even matter that the owner is aware the dog may bite someone or not.

If you are contemplating filing a case with California small claims court due to a dog bite, you may want to check out the information at This will give you an idea of how the process will work from start to finish.

It is best to try to work out the issue with the owner of the dog on your own first before initiating a small claims court lawsuit. Make sure you document any conversations you have had. Sending the owner of the dog a letter via certified mail is a great way to have verification of what you have said to them as well. You can present that information during your hearing at the small claims court. This is an effective way to show the judge that you did attempt to do what you could to resolve the issue before you proceeded to file a case in small claims court.

Putting a monetary value on a dog bite can be tricky. You should be sure to include all medical bills and lost wages from work if applicable. You may be able to get some money for your pain and suffering as well. That is known as punitive damages and you can ask for an amount you find reasonable and ultimately it’s up to the judge hearing your case as to the actual money awarded.

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