Suing an Insurance Company in San Diego Small Claims Court

Insurance Disputes in San Diego Small Claims CourtHaving insurance on your vehicle is important as it will help you if you are involved in an accident, your vehicle is vandalized, or there is a natural disaster that affects it. Most of us pay in money to the car insurance company month after month like clock work. We don’t generally end up filing a claim.

Yet once you do, you may discover that the insurance company is less than willing to get you the settlement you deserve. This can be very frustrating and make you feel like you have just been throwing your money away all this time. Most insurance companies are going to offer the lowest possible settlement to you that they can. If you don’t speak up on your behalf then no one will.

You want to do all you can to come to a good resolve with the insurance company about your claim. If this can’t be done though you have the right to file a case with small claims court. A great place to look at the details of suing your insurance company in California is Before you go this route though you want to appeal to the supervisor and to higher ups at the insurance company.

It is vital that you keep a good record of every person you call and what that conversation was about. If someone you talk to says they will review the file and get back to you then document when you should get a response from them. This way you can show that you have attempted to work out the situation on your own. If this doesn’t work and you feel you have a good case then by all means file a case in small claims court.

This is becoming more common in cases involving car insurance companies, however, most insurance companies do act out of good faith for those whom they represent. With this law in place in California though, you can be sure more insurance companies are going to do what is right.

The amount of money that you are entitled to depends on many variables. Some of them include the amount of damage to your vehicle, who was at fault, your injuries, and the coverage you have in your policy. You may be asking for additional money due to missing work, medical bills relating to the accident, and/or for pain and suffering. All of these variables can make it hard for the individual and the insurance company to see eye to eye on a figure.

If you find yourself in such a position, small claims may be your answer. For more on filing a claim visit If you have already sued and won in a San Diego Small Claims Court and can’t collect on the judgment, get in touch. We buy select San Diego Small Claims Court Money Judgments for cash!