Service of Process in California

san-diego-process-serverOnce you have filed a case with the California small claims court everyone involved that is at least 18 must receive a summons. This is a legal document that tells them they have to be at the hearing. All of the information about where it will take place, the date, and the time are on the included on the document. In order to verify that each individual did indeed get the summons, each one is hand delivered.

A process server is responsible for taking care of this part of the process. All process servers in California are required to be both registered and bonded. All of the details of this can be found at The registration has to be for that county that they deliver them in. The individual must be a resident of any location in California for at least one year prior to applying to be a process server.

The bond amount is $2,000 for each individual. Certified process servers must past a state exam. You also have to be at least 18 years of age. You also can’t serve any summons that relate to a case you are a party to. It doesn’t matter what your role is in that particular small claims court case.

Process serving can, at times, be stressful. While some people accept their summons to appear at the California small claims court without incident, others can be loud and obnoxious about the whole thing. Others have gone as far as to assault or threaten the process server. As a result of this, there are laws in California that make it illegal to threaten, attack or to obstruct any process server.

By law, a person can’t be held liable to be at a small claims court hearing if they haven’t been served. Therefore, a good process server focuses on tracking down the residential addresses and the employers of individuals to ensure the serve is made. Our certified process servers are pleased to assist you if you need someone served. Submit your case today!