Small Claims Court for Landlords

california small claims court and judgment enforcement tips for landlordsHaving residential or business property that you rent or lease to other people can be very profitable. It can be an investment that pays for itself in the long run. What many people fail to realize though is the other side of the issue. That is when the landlord is struggling to make ends meet because people don’t pay what they owe.

Some people who fail to pay what is due to the landlord are simply deadbeats. They have a pattern of doing such acts because they don’t care if they have a place to live. They also don’t care if they destroy the place that they have agreed to keep in the same condition as when they moved into it. Others though end up not being able to pay due to changes beyond their control. They may have lost their job due to layoffs or suffered from medical problems.

Many landlords are understanding of incidents that occur though and they will try to work out payment arrangements. Even if the party does have to vacate the premise they can try to work out an agreement. When this can’t be done though the landlord has the right to file a case with small claims court (SCC). This is a very effective way to get a judgment against the party.

Some landlords decide not to file a case with the SCC because they know that the party doesn’t have any money. Still, that is no excuse for them to be let off the hook. A judgment can be put into place that states they owe that money. Chances are they will eventually find a job or get money through other means. If you have uncollected small claims court judgments gathering dust, submit them for our consideration. We may be able to turn your paper into cash!