Disputes with a California Auto Repair Shop

san diego small claims court judgment enforcement

Your vehicle is something you likely depend on a great deal to get you to work and everywhere else. When it needs to be repaired it can be difficult to get around while the work is being done. It can also be very expensive to pay for but this is a necessity you just can’t…

Stop Unsolicited Faxes in San Diego Small Claims Court

San Diego Small Claims Court: suing for junk faxes in small claims court

There are many ways in which unwanted solicitations are received. You likely are thinking of those you have received both in the mail and over the phone. What about all of those you get on your fax machine though? It can be annoying when you answer the phone and get that fax tone. If that…

Overview of California Small Claims Court

overview small claims court California

The California Small Claims Court (SCC) is a place where people can take their disputes to be settled. This is considered to be a reasonable step when they issue can’t be resolved between the two parties in a manner that pleases both of them. SCC is an inexpensive yet effective way to resolve such problems….

Landlords: Walkthroughs Win in Small Claims Court

As a landlord, you are most likely very busy. Still, you need to make sure you don’t cut corners on issues that can come back on you down the road. One of them is doing a complete walkthrough with your tenants at both the beginning and at the end of the lease. This needs to…