So You Want to be a Judgment Enforcer?


When you think of the legal process you’ve probably heard of lawyers, judges, court reporters, and even courtroom artists. One never seen but whose role is equally important, is a judgment enforcement professional. A judgment enforcer buys uncollected court-ordered judgments and then uses every legal means available to ensure the judgment is paid in full….

California Small Claims Court Judgment Enforcement

California Small Claims Court Judgment Enforcement

As you probably already know, getting a judgment from a California Small Claims Court is only part of the victory. A judgment is really just a piece of paper and, unfortunately, the Court won’t be collecting the payment for you. Therefore, you will need to think strategically and be willing to set aside time, money…

Take a Telemarketer to San Diego Small Claims Court

enforcing small claims court judgments

In 1991 the government initiated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This was established to protect consumers from getting calls they didn’t want. Most telemarketers aren’t very good at taking NO for an answer but with this legislation in place they were obligated to comply with consumer wishes. Not all of them are following the laws…

California Small Claims Court Appeals

california small claims appeals

Many different types of cases go before the California small claims court each day. This is a very effective way to go about getting the money that is owed to you. Regardless of which side you are on at the hearing though you need to present all you can. You want the judgment to be…